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More Orvis Safe Passage Sling Packs Coming In!!!


Our customers have almost “picked us clean” of our first orders of these well-thought out sling packs.  The new shipment is en-route and due in the shop any day now.  They have just enough room for fly boxes, streamside nick-nacks, a rain shell jacket, water bottle, and….yes, that essential sandwich.  Come in and check it our for yourself.   .

Gunpowder Fall Fishing

Tenkara and Tricos On The Gunpowder: Advance Your Fly Fishing By Taking a Step Back


Long awaited by some, despised by many, the Tricos represent the pinnacle of technical dry fly fishing. There is not much in the fishing world that rivals watching large brown trout, sitting side by side, mere inches below the surface film, gingerly nosing, yet gorging themselves as if drunk on the tiny, dead insects; all while plainly ignoring your “perfect” imitation. The Tricorythodes emergence on the Gunpowder River is without a doubt, the finest match the hatch, dry-fly fishing opportunity available in Maryland. The devotees of the event wait eagerly for the mayflies all summer long.  While other rivers boast heavyRead More

Fly Fishing Terms Defined: Floatant


This one is pretty strait forward, but thought I should give a little background information. As you could imagine, floatant is something we as fly anglers apply to our flies or lines to make them float.  That is the simplest way to define it, however, there are some not so simple things about floatant.  For example; you walk into the fly shop, turn to your left and there is more floatant of all different kinds than you could shake a fly rod at.  Whether it be brand or fly or line floatant, or powder vs. paste, or natural vs. synthetic.  SoRead More

Tenkara: The Fly Rod from The Heavens.


In Japanese, the word Tenkara means “from the heavens”.  I believe this to be the most thorough way to explain the practice.  Without a doubt, Tenkara is pure, unadulterated, death from above for the trout. The reason is simple.  With a rod and line of the same length, it is almost impossible to put too much line on the water, which can cause the angler to give a less-than natural presentation.  Without having to worry about letting line out as we cast, the cast become instinctual.  The focus becomes placing the fly in the right spot, rather than everything elseRead More

Fly Fishing Terms Defined: Terminal Tackle


Yes, there is a real, legitimate name for the stuff you hang off your vest or pack.  Your forceps, nippers, leaders, tippet, zingers, floatant, split shot, or anything else you may put at the end of your fly line or has something to do with you leader or flies; this is all called Terminal Tackle. If you were to walk into Great Feathers, you would immediately be greeted by a wall of gadgets and more leaders and tippet spools than you could shake a fly rod at.  Could fourteen different types of nippers be confusing?, maybe but at least youRead More

Fly Fishing Terms Defined: Emerger


Simply put; an “emerger” is the in-between stage of most aquatic trout stream insects.  Depending on family grouping, genus, and species, the particular way or style of emergence can change significantly.  Between most caddis flies and most mayfly species for example, the emergence styles are very different; but some species of both emerge more similar to the other.  With this information, I suggest any angler wishing to learn more about how the bugs affect our fishing, to study emergence and drift patterns of the nymphs of the adult flies we know and love. In most circumstances, the emerging insect inRead More

Radical (Fly) Movement: Part 3


All fly movement is important; but unlike every other type of fly, a streamer just looks like stick if it doesn’t move.  Our dries, wets and nymphs do just fine if we do not move them, we have discovered this over years of dead-drift fishing.  But one thing I am continually surprised by, is how people react when I tell them to strip a streamer.  “But aren’t we supposed to let the woolly bugger swing?”.  I have heard this line time after time.  My response to this is, yes, an angler can swing a woolly bugger or similar small streamer with successes, atRead More

Gunpowder River Report and Dry Fly Talk: 6/11/2014


Hey ya’ll, sorry I have not been posting I was guiding most days this past month and have a similar schedule for June; but here is a report for the river and how it has been fishing the last few weeks. As many of you know the river has been fishing well; fishing well but, crowded.  Nearly every day since Memorial Day the river has been busy.  Fisherman, canoeists, tubers, hikers, dog walkers, picnic party participants and swimmers are all using the river.  Now there is nothing anyone can do about a crowded river, public water gets crowded, and especially whenRead More

Radical (Fly) Movements: Part 2


Like I stated in the last chapter, fly movement is the most unused technique in fly fishing, particularly with dry flies, but moving your nymphs and wets may aid in your plot to catch a trout. First off lets talk about insect migrations and drift.  The aquatic insects who live within the river move around to find food and to emerge. Many of the insects, particularly the Ephemerella genus, which we are very familiar with here in the East, do something that is called Behavioral Drift.  From what I have read, there doesn’t seem to be much a known reason for this pattern.Read More

Radical (Fly) Movements: Part 1


In my own humble little opinion, movement of the fly while fishing is the most underutilized fly fishing technique period.  For years we have heard that we want a dead drift for our dry flies, dead drift for our wet flies and most certainly for our nymphs.  But what if I told you it was perfectly fine to move your dry fly across the water while presenting to picky fish?  Or if I told you to twitch your wet flies while they swung down stream?  Would you do it?  Would you think it was against the rules?  Or would you sayRead More

Sulphurs, Sulphurs, Sulphurs! 5/17/2014


Well the Sulphurs have arrived!  Finally my favorite yellowy-orange mayflies are emerging.  The first question everyone asks once I have told them the sulphurs are popping is “are the fish looking up?”  Well, unfortunately my answer to that is not really, maybe a little bit.  I have been guiding almost everyday the past two weeks and have seen some rises.  But, the nymph and wet-fly fishing has been great! It seems that the water may be a little too high for the fish to rise up through it to take the few duns that are popping off.  Once the hatch gets kickingRead More

Fly Fishing Terms Defined: Mend


Now everyone has heard the word before; some know exactly what it is and preform it flawlessly, others know of word but have absolutely no understanding of how it works, what it does and why we do it.  So I will make an honest stab at it. In simple terms a mend is when the angler moves their line upstream or downstream to correct something which he finds wrong in either the line or the drift.  Now to be a little more specific in my explanation. In most situations, your mend is meant to correct the drag of your flies,Read More

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