Stream Reports

Guide Report – April 22nd


Carly and Barry came in from Annapolis and Kent Island to enjoy Western Shore-style fishing! Both, hailing for the Eastern Shore and used to salt water fisheries, were embarking in a new experience that may have hooked ’em!! The conditions were less-than-desirable, but proved to be very productive. It was a cold and rainy day with the flow starting to edge up. Over the day, the flow moved up and finished in the low-70’s cfs. Did I mention that it was cold?! We were swinging wets and the day took a while to start rolling. Once we started catching fish,Read More

Guide Report – April 17th and 18th


Brian and Ben started off with a crumby day, that had a silver lining. The weather was rainy and cold for the majority of the day. The flows were still in the 30’s and all of that pointed to a less-than-perfect fishing experience, however the fish were looking up! Soft-hackles were very successful; darker patterns seemed most productive. Ben was less experienced than Brian, but he got into the fish first! Brian caught up, in spite of periodic downpours. We covered a lot of water and had some nice hook-ups. We looked liked drowned rats, but the fish cooperated andRead More

New Year’s Day Fishing Report 01-01-2017


  New Year’s Day Fishing Report 01/01/2017 (Or…No Rush To Wet A Line…) Three dedicated, and possibly borderline insane, anglers met at 6am for coffee, food and…. maybe some fishing. The first day of January started with 29-degree temperatures on the Upper Gunpowder, but warmed up by late morning. Fly fishermen read, discuss, and wax philosophical about being on the river: The opportunity to get out, explore, and surround ourselves in the spectacular environment where trout may be found is usually at the heart of an angler’s experience. We want to see and catch fish- this is a given; butRead More

05/25/2016 It’s the end of May…Sulpher Mayflies on the Gunpowder


The last week in May continues to be an enjoyable time on the Gunpowder River. Falls Rd, Masemore Rd, and Bunker Hill Rd access points are great places to put in and fish various sulphur hatches on and off throughout the day. Water temperatures are above average and reaching 60 degrees.  Keep an eye out for significant egg-laying spinners falls in the late evenings–the windows of opportunity are small, but if you hit them at the right time, you’ll see plenty of wild browns coming up for dropping egg-layers. During the day, tie on an emerger or dun sulphur mayfly (sizesRead More

Gunpowder Stream Report: 3/26/16


The fishing on the river is starting to pick up.  With water temperatures starting to hit 50 degrees and the days getting longer, insect activity is picking up as well.  Black Stoneflies in 16-12s were flying everywhere the other day at Masemore rd.  Anglers have reported tiny black midges and fish responding positively to dry flies.  On Wednesday I saw a Hendrickson, just one, but a Hendrickson nonetheless! First mayfly of the year for me.  More to come soon, I hope! The flow has been good, the river is flowing 121 cfs in the  Catch and Release stretch, and 226 atRead More

Early Spring Fishing Report for the Gunpowder: 3/1/16


The Gunpowder is slowly warming up and just about all the snow is melted off the banks.  The high water has come down to a fish-able 175 cfs in Catch and Release stretch, and 375 cfs down around Glencoe.  Water temps have been starting in high 30’s in the morning and cresting near 43-44 degrees F. Midge pupae and larvae have been catching people fish, but definitely be patient and fish methodically and slow.  With the water as cold as it has been, the fish are not moving very fast at all. With the warmer temps, you may see stonefliesRead More

Getting A Little Cold. Gunpowder Report 1/12/16


The Gunpowder is flowing 121 cfs at Parkton and is 44 degrees.  Glencoe is 234 cfs and probably around 45 degrees as well. Try standard nymphs like Pheasant Tails and Hares Ears, caddis larva, midge larva or a ZugBug. Remember, the water is cold, take your time and be patient.  Fish are cold blooded for the most part and they slow down when the water is colder. Even if you get skunked, get out there and fish in the winter, I bet you will learn a lot. -Rob

The Weather is Still Good Enough to Go Fishing.


Just because it is getting colder doesn’t mean the trout won’t eat!  Great Feathers Guide Service is still working with several trips coming up this week.  There is still time to fish before the deep freeze of winter! Don’t forget that a Half or Full day Guided Trip is also a perfect gift for the Holidays.  We have gift certificates available for Guided Trips. Book soon for the best dates for the coming year! Give us a call or email to book a Guided Trip or if you have any questions.  410-472-6799 – [email protected] -Rob  

Gunpowder Stream Report -11/29/15


The fishing has been consistent and sometimes, it has been great.  The flows are good, the upper river is flowing around 50 cfs – 60 cfs and the temp is bouncing back and forth between 50 and 53 degrees.  The lower river is flowing 110 cfs. Most of the fish we have caught have been on Pheasant Tails and Hare’s Ear in sizes 12- 18.  Also try wooley buggers of different sizes and colors. get out and fish, we ain’t scared of no cold! -Rob

Gunpowder Stream Report: 11/11/2015


The Gunpowder has been fishing well. not much to speak of for insect activity or hatch activity, but the flows have been good and the fish are in a good mood.  the Catch and Release section is flowing at 125 cfs and the WT and PT are flowing around 222 cfs. Try fishing simple nymph patterns and throw some streamers. good luck! -Rob

Gunpowder Report: 9/27/15


The river is up to around 90 cfs in the catch and release section and the Tricos are out… Have at it ya’ll! -Rob

9/13/15 Gunpowder Flow


The Gunpowder crested 300 cfs last night and is around 244 cfs from the rain yesterday.  It may be a little cloudy, so we get a break from the low flows and stealthy approach for a bit.  I hope this water stays for the spawn this year. Happy fishing- Rob

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