Incredibly ingenuity and innovation from the leading rod manufacturer in England, Hardy

Whether choosing from the Classic, Performance, Sintrix, or Hardy Bros. series, Hardy has a rod for everyone. There is a reason they have been leading the fly rod game in England since the 19th century. Each series has something for everyone, from the classic looking brook trout rods, to the new ultra light Sintrix material incorporated in their biggest tarpon rods. These guys have 316 years of experience under their belt and it shows from the butt to the tip of every Hardy fly rod manufactured. Throw in fiberglass rods and bamboo and you have an extremely well-rounded organization putting out the best of the best. These things happen when you have 15 teams of developers and consultants each averaging 21years at the top of their games. To say these guys insist on putting out the best fly fishing rods on the market is an understatement.

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