Greys is the gear of choice for many top flight anglers 

These men and women cannot afford their gear to let them down and that’s why they choose Greys. Great design. Great materials. Great build quality. Great prices. Lifetime guarantees. Their backing is as good an endorsement as you can get in game fishing.

How do they do it? It’s all down to common sense, about sourcing the best materials and employing the best product development managers like Howard Croston and Alastair Dandie. they are surrounded by the leading technicians in the sport – Chris Bond, Charlie Norris, Colin Skeene and Roy Bell. And, of course, they use the most modern technology in the world. They maintain their base in Alnwick but also have superb manufacturing partners around the world. They have salesmen who are mad about fishing and the product. And wes love Greys because we can trust thier products, and satisfy our customers. 

That’s Greys, and that’s what Greys is all about.

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