Apr 7, 2015

Guide Trip Report 4/6/15


The last few guided trips I have had have been, slow but getting better.  The water is just getting warmer and fish are starting to behave the way an angler wants them to. We have mostly been fishing Tenkara, which is a VERY productive way to fish the streams around here, including the Gunpowder.

Gunpowder River Report 4/7/15


Spring has finally sprung.  The weather is nice, the frogs are singing and little green things are popping up in the woods. The trout are becoming happier as well.  With longer, warmers days come warmer river temperatures, which are sorely needed by anglers as well as trout. we have been seeing LOTS of brown and black stoneflies bumbling around the river banks, mostly 18’s for the blacks and 12’s for the browns.  Though not the easiest for trout to eat, they do make up a large proportion of the trout early spring diet. the Gunpowder is flowing 83 cfs atRead More