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Clearwater® Fly-Tying KitGreat Feathers is the go-to fly shop for all the fly tying supplies and material you need to practice the precision craft of tying flies for your favorite sport. Visit our store front in Sparks, Maryland  (North of Baltimore and south of York, PA)or check out our online selection.

It’s easy to let your imagination soar when you’re browsing through the materials, both natural and synthetic. However, selecting feathers, threads, beads, fur and hooks is only part of what you need to make the perfect fly. What about all the tools and equipment that help you put together the bits and pieces?

Great Feathers recognizes that the quality of the flies you tie depends on the quality of your supplies. You don’t need the most expensive tools in our shop, but you do need to understand what you are looking for and buy the best you can for the kinds of flies you create. Our knowledgeable Great Feathers staff are always available in person or online to discuss exactly what supplies are necessary to tie flies like all the other pros trout fishing in the cold water from Prettyboy Reservoir, through the Big Gunpowder Falls River, and into the Chesapeake.

Staff recommendations will include:

  • Vise

Renzetti Traveler 2200 Fly Tying ViseA vise allows you to perform magic with everything else. It holds the hook securely while you work with thread, feathers, beads and any other material that takes your fancy. The main feature you look for is flexibility, that it can be adjusted to handle hooks of all shapes and sizes.

  • Bench

A fly tying bench or tying station is specially designed to organize all the tiny bits and pieces from spools of thread to the hooks, beads and hair stackers. A place for everything and everything in its place! The bonus is the bench’s portability, allowing you to work wherever it’s convenient and then put it out of sight.

  • Tools

The staff at Great Feathers will make sure you have all the basics such as a bobbin, bobbin threader, bodkin and hackle pliers. They will encourage you to buy the essentials and start tying flies. It will soon become obvious what other tools would be useful for your particular way of doing things.

  • Lights

Check out our large variety of fly tying lights, including battery power and free standing or clamped. You have to decide what kind of bulb or fluorescent tube you want and what kind of shape and size. The key to a wise selection is testing the design before purchasing.

  • Magnifiers

No matter how bright the light is, it can still be difficult for you to see the detail of the material you’re working with as you attach it to the hook. Our experienced fly tyers at Great Feathers can help you decide what kind of magnifier would be best for the way you work; for example, a free standing unit or one that is part of a lamp.

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If you are ready for a fly tying adventure, start by visiting the Great Feathers fly shop. If you’re in our vicinity in Sparks, MD (north of Baltimore), you will enjoy the experience of dropping into our shop where you can chat with our staff and actually hold tools in your hands and try them out to make sure you are comfortable with a particular model. If you can’t visit in person, our dedicated staff can have in-depth online discussions with you.

We want you to realize your fly fishing dream, perhaps imagining yourself on the Gunpowder River near Chesapeake Bay, just a short drive from Baltimore. You’re reeling in a rainbow trout attracted to the best of flies – one that you made yourself. It doesn’t get any better!