Guide Report – April 22nd


Carly and Barry came in from Annapolis and Kent Island to enjoy Western Shore-style fishing! Both, hailing for the Eastern Shore and used to salt water fisheries, were embarking in a new experience that may have hooked ’em!! The conditions were less-than-desirable, but proved to be very productive. It was a cold and rainy day with the flow starting to edge up. Over the day, the flow moved up and finished in the low-70’s cfs. Did I mention that it was cold?! We were swinging wets and the day took a while to start rolling. Once we started catching fish,Read More

Guide Report – April 17th and 18th


Brian and Ben started off with a crumby day, that had a silver lining. The weather was rainy and cold for the majority of the day. The flows were still in the 30’s and all of that pointed to a less-than-perfect fishing experience, however the fish were looking up! Soft-hackles were very successful; darker patterns seemed most productive. Ben was less experienced than Brian, but he got into the fish first! Brian caught up, in spite of periodic downpours. We covered a lot of water and had some nice hook-ups. We looked liked drowned rats, but the fish cooperated andRead More

Orvis Clearwater Salt 966-4 – Fly Rod & Reel Review


I picked up the Orvis Clearwater Salt 966-4 with a Hydros 3 reel and the Rio Streamertip WF6F/I line about 2 weeks ago.  I’ve fished this set up for about 8 times now and it’s exactly what I was looking for.  The rod has plenty of backbone to throw big articulated streamers and could probably throw foam hopper patterns a mile.  I have caught a few smallies and browns in the 18”+ range and the rod had no issue handling them. But, the rod is still soft enough that a 12” fish can still be played on it.  As forRead More

The 2013 International Fly Tying Symposium

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The Fly Tying Symposium is a great opportunity for fly tiers to convene and get answers, find materials and watch other tiers. It also provides an opportunity to meet with and discuss tying with many of the best tiers in the world. This includes many of the top authors and tiers who have made an impact on the industry and trend setters who are up-and-coming. You can have books signed and find out techniques that you have wondered about or need to perfect. There are also a number of the best salmon fly tiers which are always showing and sellingRead More

Gunpowder Stream Conditions-September 18th, 2013


Tricos!!! The trico hatch and spinner falls have been kicking in. On recent guide trip on the upper river, Robby and his client experienced a great spinner fall. The fish were hitting on male spinners from size 18 through 22. The pattern was an indicator parachute trico. The activity was great and there were plenty if fish! With the trico spinner falls, the bugs are responding to  temperature when they are beginning to descend. The reason this is important is for timing and getting it right. With colder overnight temps, the fall bill begin later and if it is warmer,Read More

Gunpowder River Stream Conditions – September 6th, 2013


Fall looks like it is making an early arrival. This weather is gorgeous and is a treat and makes for great conditions. Unfortunately, we are going through a dry spell and the flows have dropped to low levels. The temperatures are good, but lower flows do test the fisherman. As of this morning, the flow at Falls Rd. gauge is holding steady at 30cfs. Glencoe Rd. is at about 66cfs and falling very slowly. The temps at Falls Rd. are great and the night time low dipped below 50 degrees for the first time in quite a while. With theRead More

Stream Conditions-February 29th, 2012


Well…it looks like winter never got it’s teeth sunk in this year and conditions reflect that. The water flows are 150cfs at Falls Rd. and 228cfs at Glencoe Rd. The reservoir has remained full all winter and consequently, any rain we get has jumped the flows due to spill-over. The temps have been fairly cold and remain that way. They have been consistently at or around 40 degrees. Right now in the upper river, the temps have been between 41 and 44 degrees. The fishing conditions have been good, all things considered. Fisherman are catching fish with relative frequency! Little black stoneRead More