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Sweetwater – Private Water Fly Fishing in Colorado


Now and then I have an opportunity to switch my fly fishing from the Gunpowder River to some western rivers in Colorado.  Most of the Colorado and Montana fishing was done via downstream floats. This time I had an offer from Minturn Anglers to try some still water in private section near Gypsum, Co. The water ponds are called Sweetwater and it has limited access (it can only be reached by ATV).  It is on private 900 acres ranch in mountain area and truly away from it all.  A bone jilting 2 mile ride to our ‘fishing hole’ added appealRead More

36 Hours On the Douglaston Salmon Run


At 5:55 my phone started to make the last noise most people want to hear: EEGHHH- EGHHH-EGHHH.  However, this time that noise did not mean I had to go to work; it meant it was time to get up and drive into the Great White North for thirty-six hours of salmon fishing. The early morning had a chill I was not yet accustom to; Autumn was certainly in the air.  I pulled my jacket on and shivered as I turned the key over in my Jeep. Time to go.  With a fresh cup of coffee and a belly full of sausage andRead More

Huge Redfish, Big Biscuits and Bourbon Street


Flight time was an hour and ten minutes from Baltimore to Atlanta, an hour lay-over and another hour and half flight to New Orleans.  Drive time was two and half hours south to redfish paradise.  Then relax, knowing you are pretty damn close to some of the best sight casting the world has to offer. Venice, Louisiana is about as busy as the middle of nowhere gets.  With boats from all over the Gulf and much further, the amount of both inshore and offshore sport fishing is unbelievable.  Toss in a strong mix of shrimpers and crabbers and a whole lot ofRead More

Thirty Six Hours In The Catskills: Part II


Cruising down Old Route 17 letting the breeze fill my nose and Widespread Panic fill my ears, I watch the Willowemoc flash by the passenger side of the car. Knowing only the name of my intended fishing destination and that I sorely needed to use the men’s room, I decided to pull over and check my maps and empty the bladder.  It was at this point, while I faced the bushes, it hit me.  I was in the Catskills and had all day to do what ever I wanted! After checking the map a few more times, I arrived.  Mongaup was the nameRead More

Thirty Six Hours in The Catskills


As I pulled out my PVC “mega” tenkara rod tube and reached for my line, I suffered minor heart failure.  I blankly stared at empty line spools. Not just the one line I was looking for, but both of my tenkara lines were missing!  I instantly remembered where I had left them, and that spot happens to have four wheels and moves very quickly along twisty, wooded, country roads.  Crap, I thought, I am leaving for the Catskills tomorrow.  I really wanted to fish a tenkara rod and now I have no line!  I know, I know, use your fly rodRead More

The Florida Keys Initiative: Saving The Keys Bonefish


While on a recent trip to the Florida Keys to fish for tarpon, my father and I were invited to a Bonefish and Tarpon Trust dinner at World Wide Sportsman in Islamorada.  The event was meant to honor Capt. George Hommel Jr., a legendary Keys guide and former owner of World Wide Sportsman who had recently passed at a very old age.  But the event was also to help fund the new Florida Keys Initiative, meant to discover the root causes of the disappearing Florida Keys Bonefish. While at the dinner I was able to meet and talk to guides fromRead More

SHAD 4/22/14


Yes, the shad are in, and occupying the river in force.  Certain parts of Deer creek, the Susquehanna, the Gunpowder, and the Potomac are holding great numbers. This morning involved a 3:40 am wake up call, an hours drive in the dark, coffee, and about 40 some odd shad, all of which were about a pound. I was using an old Wright and Mcgill fiberglass seven weight, and my friend was using a one piece Hardy Zenith five weight and was a little under gunned. Our rigs involved a sink tip, a weighted marabou fly in one of the followingRead More

Pennsylvania Adventures: Entry No. 1


“Umm, this roads not on the map” my friend hesitantly said to me, “yea turn here, why not”.  Eventually we found our road on the map, it had been hidden by the name of another, larger, paved road’s name.  Hopefully this gravel road would lead us to the river we were looking for.  We had never fished this creek before and had absolutely no idea how to get to the access points.  We had found one, but it looked to be well traveled, and being fly fishermen we decided to keep driving further away from where we thought people mightRead More

Papa Got His Candy ! 30″ Steelhead

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How I Muffed my 1st Steelhead Opportunity My steelhead experience started in Pulaski, New York on the Salmon River a few years ago.  Quality time with my son David,….what could be better? Below is his picture with the steelhead I should have caught. Day one I spent holding my favorite spincast reel and that’s about all I did with it. A whole day of floating with nothing to show for it. On day two, David suggested we move on to fly Zone (fly fishing only stretch). He made it clear he loved spending time with Papa, but not at theRead More

It’s Bonefish Season

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Bonefishing can be really good anytime of the year.  But I find the winter-time to be the most rewarding time to go bonefishing; for one reason only, it is cold as s#@* at home, or at least I think it’s cold. Like I said, bonefishing can be be good anytime, as long as you can see the fish and the water is not too cold.  Consistent cold fronts moving over the tropics cause this problem; clouds cut visibility, which is essential to bonefishing because you have to see the fish to catch them on a fly, and the colder airRead More

Getting Blown Out and Avoiding Polar Vortexes

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I need a rum, a beer and a flight outta here. I know where to go.  I need to go back to San Pedro.  A beer and a rum will cost me 5.00 there. Those could be lines from a Jimmy Buffett song, but they were what I was thinking as I drove to the shop today. In the last few years I have decided I really don’t care for cold weather.  I have also found the presence of coconut trees on the beach and ceviche on the menu to be superior to snow covered, leafless oak trees and UtzRead More

An Ode To Montana


Sometime the soul is in need of a good break.  The longer the break the better.  I believe that is what Montana is for.  John Steinbeck say in Travels with Charley: In Search of America, “Montana seems to me to be what a small boy would think Texas is like from hearing Texans talk”.  I one hundred and ten percent agree with this statement.  And no matter what any Texan can ever tell me, Texas is no where as cool as Montana.  New Mexico is the only state that comes anywhere close, chiefly because of the food. Montana is a special placeRead More