Guide Trip Report

Guide Trip Report: 12/4/14 – 12/5/14


Clear skies and temperatures in the mid-thirties combined with some chilly water made for some slow fishing, but some great learning!  Jim’s goal was to figure his cast out, learn mending and maybe catch a fish.  All of the above goals were accomplished plus learning some great water on the Gunpowder River. The river was flowing well, around 70 cfs, but the water  temperature was around 45 degrees F, which makes the fish a little chilly and less than enthusiastic about moving to eat little bugs in the river. All in all we had two great days of fishing and learning.Read More

Guide Trip Report: 11/28/2014 aka Black Friday


The air temperature was a bit chilly but with no wind, the fishing was tolerable.  Once Brett made his first cast it became even more so, the first cast gave up a nice little Gunpowder brown trout.  More trout were had as we worked our way up stream towards the dam.  A size 20 Hare’s Ear Nymph was our key to success, every fish we caught came on that fly. The river was flowing at a great level, just over 100 cfs and nice and clear.  We saw a few BWO’s coming off up in the Boulder Pools above Falls Road.Read More

Trip Report: 10/21/14


The Gunpowder fished well today.  The Tricos appeared for a late season feeding frenzy.  With lots of fish on top we had great targets in the crystal clear water.  Classic technical dry fly fishing; incredibly picky trout, but enough action to keep you going.   For the first time in several trips we were able to catch fish on something other than nymphs!

Trip Report 10/19/14


It is that time of year again, cold fronts slip East cross the country, making fish and game a little sad and uncomfortable.  Geese feed up and trout feed less, that’s the way it goes. With all this stacked against us, we were able to find some feeding fish on the Gunpowder River yesterday. Though some came on pink worms and bobbers, we were able to take a few with pheasant tails and a big prince nymph.     All three amigos who were out with me caught fish, had fun and enjoyed a slurp of whiskey and a good cigar.

Guide Trip With Shelly and Company 10/11/14


  On Saturday the eleventh, Jeff and I had a great day guiding Shelly and her five companions.  Though the morning was chilly and rainy they persevered and caught some beautiful brown trout! We focused on nymphing with a smattering of streamers, but the nymphs proved most productive.  With the river at a wonderful flow of 108 cfs, the fish are flat out happy and willing to eat a nymph in the right part of the water column.   We had a great day on the water and learned a lot!  Thanks again Shelly!  

Steve and Mike’s First Time Fly Fishing 10/4/14


  Today I had Steve and his son Mike out on the Gunpowder for their first ever fly fishing experience.  They had taken a basic, introductory class with us at Great Feather two weeks before and were ready for some on-stream learning. Though the leaves were not as bad as the past two days, the fish still didn’t behave as a trout fisher would want.  With a cold front moving in from the west, I think the fish were just a little put-off and sad.  Just another lousy day in paradise as they say.

Took John and Perry on The Gunpowder Today 10/03/14


 We met at Great Feathers this morning at 8:30 this morning, cruised up to the river, and headed to my favorite spot; only to find another angler had beat us there.  We patiently waited until he had moved on, fishing below him and around the bend.  We caught a few smaller fish on some nymphs early on; eventually I saw the Tricos and we moved up to my spot. We kept on nymphing through the hole, once the Tricos came down, we obviously switched to dry flies.  But the fish just didn’t come up again today.  So we switched backRead More

A Fun Day On The River 10/02/14


Today was the first day the fish did not respond with vigor as the Tricos came down to the water.  The angler of the day, Bob, had some action on his size 26 Trico spinner, but the fish just didn’t come up very well. The rest of the day was spent learning to nymph without an indicator, which is tough to get used to if you normally fish indicators when nymphing.  So catching was slow, but the fishing was great.

Tricos In The Morning 9/26/14


This morning, the air was filled with mating insects.  Lots of them.  The two first-timers I was teaching were about to witness one of the greatest events in trout fishing; a Trico spinner fall. The fish, however, did not want anything to do with our flies.  After months of heavy fishing pressure, the trout have become ultra selective; and if the fish are feeding on Tricos, they are even more selective than normal.  Any amount of drag will tip off the fish that your tiny fly is false.  because of this we focused on learning technique and tried to work on ourRead More

Gunpowder River Report: 7/22/2014


As of yet, the Tricos have not shown themselves.  We have been waiting patiently for the tiny mayflies.  They should come any day now.  In the mean time, we can fish all sorts of other patterns with success.  The fishing is far from dead. Yesterday the fish were happy to rise to a Klinkhammer fly and not much else.  Judging by the rise forms they were taking emerges.  What insect was emerging was hard to tell because the Klinkhammer the fish were eating was a size 14 with a gray body and there we no bugs in the air. Ants couldRead More

Guiding for Carp


Yeah, yeah say whatever you want about carp: bottom feeders, dirty, kinda ugly.  These statements are true and unfortunately many fly fisher people look down on them for these reason only, or because some other fly fisher person told them that carp are trash fish.  What I never hear, is that folks do not like carp because they are strong, hardy, finicky, spooky, big, really big, and that they can burn up your wimpy little trout rod. I have routinely told people that carp are pickier eaters than any brown trout on earth, and I still stick by this statement.  Not onlyRead More

Gunpowder River Fishing Report 2/5/2014

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The day after the super bowl I was to take a father and son fishing on the river.   They were from Seattle, and not afraid of snow.  Which was in the forecast, not a lot, but enough the make thing interesting. Our goal was to fish some big streamers along deep undercuts in the lower river; and to nymph slower runs.  With the water being so cold we were not expecting very much in the way of fish activity, but we were able to find a few fish who wanted to eat some stonefly nymphs.  No fish seemed willingRead More