Fly Fishing

great feathers instruction education guideAt Great Feathers, we offer a full assortment of classes for all aspects of fly fishing. When you first get into fly fishing, there is a seemingly insurmountable amount of information thrust upon you and unless you have direction, the task can be daunting. We put it together in any easily followed path that concentrates on the essentials and what you need to begin enjoying the sport. The classes offered are tailored to the beginner as well as the more experienced. We use the collective knowledge of our staff in coordination with some of the best books in the industry to fashion an enjoyable experience that will give you years of pleasure in the sport.

If you are someone who has no prior knowledge of fly fishing except for having watched “A River Runs Through It” or inherited a fly rod, we offer a beginners program that will give you an overview of the sport and an elementary introduction to the nuances of casting a fly rod. This sport is not difficult, just new! That being said, we give the student the benefits of our experience to cut the learning time down. Fly fishing has its own language and litanies of minutia that can bog the beginner down and lose focus of the goal; catching fish. Our goal is to focus on what you need to know and what needs to be known in the future. There are certain things that need to be stressed and those things are keys to getting started. The rest will come when you are ready. This is not tough stuff but there is a bunch of it. We show you how to keep it in front you and not be overwhelmed.

instruction education fly fishing moose tom gunpowderThe most effective way to learn is on the river! Guided instruction is something we have all done and for good reason; it works! On the river we show you everything you need to know to catch fish and duplicate the experience in the future. Practical knowledge used when and where you need it. Our concentration is on casting and presentation of the fly. Presentation is one of the most important aspects of fly fishing and we explain what it means. Guided instruction is the most complete way to learn the most in the most concise way.

Fly tying is one of our specialties and we offer classes in the fine art of creating the bugs that the fish want to eat and create bragging rights with your fellow tiers. Tying flies is a centuries old practice in replicating natural food sources of fish using natural and artificial materials. Learning to tie flies is a valuable tool to understanding the insects and is a hobby that gives years of enjoyment. Catching flies on the flies that you made is the quintessence of fly fishing. Our extensive selection of materials and fly tying tools combined with our knowledge of how to tie will make for a rewarding experience.

For more information about all that we offer in the way of classes, please contact us at the store or come on by the store. We will be happy to explain all the options and what best suits your experience level. All classes are affordable and we have them at various times to fit your schedule.