Fly Tying Classes

Great Feathers offers fly tying classes, instruction and seminars for all tiers at all levels. We take great pride in offering a selection of tying materials unrivaled in the region. We carry the quality materials and tools that we use and endorse. The distributors that we buy from are well-established and known in the industry for their quality of materials and reputation as established providers. We have created a reputation for having hard-to-find and unique materials for tying classic North Country and wet flies. This niche has separated us from our competition, but our knowledge of tying all flies from fresh to salt water will satisfy the needs of every fishermen with the desire to tie and fish flies that you can be proud of.

Fly tying classes for young and oldClasses are available in the Fall and Winter when the fishing slows down. If you do need help during the season, we will work around your schedule. Classes will be taught according to ability. For those that do not know where they fall, we can help you figure that out by how much experience you have and showing us some flies that you have tied. For the beginners, we will go through the techniques that will set you on your way and incorporate the flies that will benefit you on the stream. Our goal is have you tying patterns that utilize as many techniques that repeat in all patterns and give you the ability to look at a recipe and determine what goes where and tie it from start to finish. For those that are more accomplished, we will enhance your abilities and challenge you to tie more complex flies.

wet fly tying classes by don bastian We will also offer seminars periodically where we will invite expert tiers in to speak and tie patterns in their field of expertise. These will be announced and may have a small fee for the services of the expert. We will tailor the speakers to the areas that interest that our customers are looking for.  Space for these seminars will be limited and prepayment may be required.

Fly tying class with young tyer surrounded with fly tying materialsIf you have an inkling to start tying but not quite ready to pull the trigger, we invite you to come into the store and observe what the guys are tying. There are always vises set up and more often than not somebody is tying something.  You are more than welcome to come in and ask questions and figure out what has been giving you trouble. If you are ready to get instruction, let us know. We will set you up with tools and materials. Individual lessons are also available at $50 per hour. Call for times and schedules of upcoming events.