Brian and Ben started off with a crumby day, that had a silver lining. The weather was rainy and cold for the majority of the day. The flows were still in the 30’s and all of that pointed to a less-than-perfect fishing experience, however the fish were looking up! Soft-hackles were very successful; darker patterns seemed most productive. Ben was less experienced than Brian, but he got into the fish first! Brian caught up, in spite of periodic downpours. We covered a lot of water and had some nice hook-ups. We looked liked drowned rats, but the fish cooperated and Day 1 was a success.

The following day started off cold, but more sunshine. This day proved to be more of a challenge and yielded fewer fish. No hatches were coming off and rises were at a minimum. Wets got some interest, but the fish seemed to be content, sitting on the bottom. One of the highlights was watching numerous schools through the beautiful, clear water, lit perfectly for viewing, but not catching! One hole was holding at least thirty trout, all of which seemed to be keying on midges. These were locked in and all we could do was enjoy the spectacle. Overall, the rainy day yielded great success, and the beautiful, sunny, Spring day was a joy to behold. Irony is ever-present on the river!