Guided Trips

Guided fly fishing on the gunpowder riverThere is no better way to learn anything new than in the setting where you will use that knowledge. With fly fishing or anything new for that matter, a book can only offer so much. It all seems Greek until you have a way to reference the knowledge. Hands-on training is the most efficient way you can learn anything and when it is incorporated in the setting where it will be duplicated the student learns quicker. Fly fishing is, by no means, an exception. No one on the staff is self-taught and we have all been guided at some point and in many cases, numerous times. Experience is the best teacher and when you get that experience from someone who knows the ropes, the end can be achieved quicker and with a great deal less frustration. When we take you on a guide trip, you will learn as we go and the whole time we will be fishing and the class room is the beautiful Gunpowder River basin. Our philosophy is to expose you to as much as you comprehend and then teach you the rest. For beginners, there is a point where sensory overload can inhibit recollection! We know that and recommend beginners take a half-day trip.