Benefits of Hiring a Fishing Guide

Advantages of Hiring a Fishing Guide Service

Great Feathers fly fishing guide service on Gunpowder river and other Maryland locationsYou need to book only one fly fishing trip with Great Feather’s fly fishing guide service to become a convert to this practice. The Gunpowder River Basin is a beautiful classroom and the benefits of a professional’s fly fishing knowledge and experience are immediately obvious, including:

  • Access to prime fishing spots

A fishing guide spends his working life on the water. One based in Baltimore will know every yard of the Gunpowder. It’s his job not only to take you to a great fishing site but also to explain why it is good so you’ll know what to look for. For example, he might explain how the water is affected by the season or the weather that particular day.

  • Information about the latest equipment

Chances are your guide has a state of the art rod and reel, especially if he’s working out of a fly shop. If he’s supplying your gear, you’ll be able to try something different without committing to a purchase.

  • Reading the water

Learn how to interpret the nuances of the river currents and riffles. Look deep to see the configuration of rocks and ledges.

  • Learning to find fish

Your guide will give you a lesson on where those sought-after trout are lurking and how to identify them.

  • Fly selection

Your guide might encourage you to try your hand at fly tying so you’ll have a better appreciation of what works and why. He will explain the differences between flies and what attracts which fish in a particular stretch of water. From dry flies and nymphs to streamers, dabblers and mayflies, you will learn to select the best one for the trout wherever you are in the Gunpowder system, from near York PA down to Chesapeake Bay.

  • Feedback on your fishing technique

This might hurt but you do want to improve your skills, right? Your guide will give you feedback  on your strengths and weaknesses in how you stand, cast, reel in and even release the fish. With  such individual attention, you will notice improvement right away.

  • Guarantee to catch fish

It is okay to say you had a good time even if you didn’t catch one of the brown beauties.  However, guides know that fishing is really about catching a big one in most people’s heads so it will be an unusual day that you don’t reel in something. Even if you make your catch in the catch and release stretch of the Big Gunpowder Falls River in upper Baltimore County, you can still go home with a photo trophy.

The bonus benefit of hiring a fly fishing guide is instant friendship with a like-minded fishing enthusiast. There is no warmer camaraderie that sharing the tall tales of fly fishing!

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