Our Guides

Guiding is a profession that takes a strong willed, dedicated individual with an undying passion for water and its life below. To know a river in its entirety takes a very special person committed to a watershed from the birds and trees down to the macroinvertebrates. It takes trips to the river multiple times a week or more, fishing or not. It takes environmentally conscious individuals who look at the river as an ecosystem and not a personal goldmine. These philosophies drive our guides in their fishing and guiding endeavors providing a streamside education to our staff that can be shared and passed on to our clients.

We staff only the most passionate guiding crew, licensed by the state of Maryland, with a determination for introducing people to the world of fly fishing and the beautiful river we have right in our backyard. We have employed a patient guiding staff with years of experience and knowledge for our home river.


fly fishing guide gunpowder educationWhen David Budniakiewicz isn’t huddled in front of a lap top struggling with the Great Feathers website, you can find him on The Gunpowder with a crew of clients getting away from “the office”. He’s been fly fishing since college on his home stream almost exclusively every week for the last 7 years. His background with the Maryland Park Service, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and Maryland’s Stream Waders has instilled an environmental ethic that drives his Gunpowder guiding. Dave is also a contributing member to Trout Unlimited, with “City Catch,” a program that takes kids from the city to a stocked trout stream to learn to fish as well as get an impromptu outdoor education, being his favorite guiding experience every year.

Of course our goal is to catch fish, but it’s not a pleasurable experience if you are not in good company. The guides here at Great Feathers pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of our watershed, it’s fishing, and our role as fishermen. We provide an enjoyable trip on a beautiful river with an experienced Gunpowder fisherman. Not only do we fish the river, we live and breathe it.


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