New Year’s Day Fishing Report 01/01/2017

(Or…No Rush To Wet A Line…)

Three dedicated, and possibly borderline insane, anglers met at 6am for coffee, food and…. maybe some fishing. The first day of January started with 29-degree temperatures on the Upper Gunpowder, but warmed up by late morning.

Fly fishermen read, discuss, and wax philosophical about being on the river: The opportunity to get out, explore, and surround ourselves in the spectacular environment where trout may be found is usually at the heart of an angler’s experience. We want to see and catch fish- this is a given; but the we look for the “whole package” of the journey… the experience. And while the fly fisherman looks forward to time away from other humans, the camaraderie of good friends on the water is quality time.

And… despite the cold water and air temps, the fish… are still there. Tempt those low-lying browns with a big meaty and flashy streamer. Nymphs and some midge patterns will prove successful. Slow down your line-stripping and give those cold but hungry fish a chance to react to your fly. Keep warm with cold-weather gear, eat quality calories, and get your blood moving with some more hiking to get the blood flowing—you’ll be able to stay out and enjoy the fishing. Fishing the Gunpowder during the wintertime is a great opportunity to get out and experience the surroundings without the hordes of hikers, dog-walkers, and other anglers. If you do go with folks, entertain each other, feed yourselves, boil that coffee- you may (almost) forget to wet a line.