Learn Fly Fishing With A Guide

Learning to Fly Fish on a Guide Trip

fly fishing guide teaching fly fishing to a clientThe fastest way to become the best fly fishing angler possible is to engage a professional fly fishing guide. You will receive personal attention that starts with teaching you the theory of fishing and the characteristics of the water itself. Then, it’s off to a river such as the Big Gunpowder Falls River which is well stocked with rainbow and brown trout just waiting for you to improve your skills.

Most guides are willing to take out small groups for coaching on a half day or full day fishing. However, if you are a beginner or an experienced fly fisher who wants to improve specific skills, it is better to go alone with a guide. It’s easier to get the help you need when his time is all yours.


Whether it is in a classroom in a fly shop in Baltimore or sitting beside the Gunpowder River at Masemore, let the guide share information that is good preparation for the actual fishing. Even if you have been fishing for years and might have heard some of this before, a good guide will make sure he discusses these basics:

  • How to identify fish; for example, by their appearance, the food they eat and where they are living
  • Information about the insect life in the water and how their life cycle affects fishing techniques and results
  • How to select the right equipment such as rods, reels, line, nets, waders
  • Criteria for selecting flies
  • How to tie essential knots
  • How to read the water
  • How to be safe on the water

On the Water

Finally, you are ready to practice. Your guide will take you to an excellent spot whether you are in the Gunpowder Basin up near York PA, around the reservoirs or down near the Big Gunpowder Falls River. He knows these waters well, so just trust him. He wants you to make a catch as much as you do.

You also have to rely on him to evaluate how well you fish and be honest about your strengths and the areas you can improve in order to be an outstanding fly fisher. He will probably start by having you read the water, telling him the meaning of the surface currents, the eddies and riffles. Then, you’ll can choose the right fly and prepare your rod.

Your guide will work closely with you as you cast and reel. Expect comments on your stance and how well you handle your rod. He’ll tell you if you’re reaching back too far or appear to be throwing the line out. He’ll talk to you about playing the tension, letting the line roll out with a smooth acceleration.

It might be frustrating but pay attention. You are fortunate enough to have an expert on hand. Listen to his advice; try again. Chances are your hard work will be well rewarded by the end of your fly fishing lesson and you will be going home to Baltimore with a photo of you and your gorgeous trout taken just before you released it back into the Gunpowder River.

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