3-TAND Reels & Spools

Offering fishermen premium tackle, without the premium price

If you know Van Staal or ZeeBaaS, you know Rob Koelewyn and what he is capable of creating. As the original founder and designer of both brands, Rob is recognized for developing superior quality, amazing durability and overall dependability. And now, he is the designer and engineer behind 3-TAND™ fishing reels, pliers and accessories.

In 2013 3-TAND™ rolled out a line of totally sealed saltwater fly reels called the T-Series. In November they announced the creation of their light tackle reels (the TF-Series) and introduced them in the United States at the turn of the year while exhibiting at several Chuck Furimsky’s “The Fly Fishing Show”. In Canada, 3-TAND™ also received a strong welcoming when they were unveiled at the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition held in Calgary.

Over the last year they’ve received emails from fishermen stating their 3-TAND™ reel was the smoothest drag ever, and compared their reels to brands that are twice the price. Rob takes great pride in his work and the results prove it. He revolutionized fishing tackle starting in the early 1990’s, and today he does it again, but for less.

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