Hardy Reels & Spools

Hardy is the manufacturer of fine fly fishing reels steeped in tradition

Hardy fly reels are synonymous with craftsmanship and history. Whether you are looking for a salmon Bougle or a Uniqua for your bass rod, these fly fishing reels cover all spectrum and price ranges with quality and desirability. No other company in the world has made as many reels as Hardy. Starting with the creation of the Perfect Reel Series in 1888, Hardy has continued to change the face of fly fishing reels with evolutions like the Zane Ti, crafted out of titanium. Right now they offer 62 fly reels from a 2.75 ounce lightweight, to the 15 ounce Zane Ti described above. All of Hardy’s fly reels are a product of a unique collaboration between the finest fishing minds and the best fly reel designers and engineers in the world.




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Ultralite CA DD


Ultralite FW DD


Ultralite MA DD