As the name implies, Partridge of Redditch is based in Mount Pleasant, Redditch, in central England.

Both the town and the district have been renowned for its specialized metal work throughout many generations, needle making and hook making in particular. When O. Mustad & Son started their production of fish hooks in the 1870s, they soon realised that the hooks coming out of their machines were not fit to fish with. They were too soft and rusted after a day in water. The founder, Hans Mustad, then summoned specialists from Redditch, England, to help him solve the problems. They were specialists in tempering, design and fly-tying. Partly thanks to Redditch expertise, Mustad is today the leading manufacturer of fish hooks in the world.  Mustad clearly realises and appreciates the traditions and quality of the Partridge-of-Redditch brand and Partridge will continue to have its own dealers and distribution, and we will continue to market Partridge of Redditch products separately from the Mustad hooks.

Partridge of Redditch keep its obligations to the continuously increasing number of fans who, throughout several generations, have been enchanted by the magic of our Finest Handmade Fish Hooks.

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