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An endless amount of fly tying materials for all your needs

Patterns for luring fish can be very specific. When it comes to choosing the right fly tying materials, our selection is second to none. From the most popular dubbing to the rarest skins and feathers, Great Feathers supplies all the natural and synthetic fly tying supplies needed for every tying recipe.

Traditional fly tying materials are hooks, waxes, silk threads, yarns, furs, wild game and chicken feathers, hair, tinsels and wire. Today’s materials include not only those materials, which encompass just about all need you to tie flies with anyway, but all sorts of dyed natural hair and feathers as well as a wide array of synthetic materials. Natural materials include rabbit, mink, muskrat, fox, bear, squirrel, deer, elk, moose hair, chicken, pheasant, turkey, duck, goose, partridge feathers, and other furs were and still are commonly incorporated into artificial flies. Neck and saddle hackle from chickens, which are critical to many artificial fly patterns, have been specifically bred for fly tying to achieve superior length and color. Synthetics have allowed fly tyers to replicate furs and feathers of rare and sometimes endangered animals; as well as create completely new types of flies. Synthetics such as rubber legs, super hair, chenilles and krystal flash can be incorporated into the wings and bodies of today’s artificial fly. Fly tyers have multiple options for weighting flies. At one point in history, we did not weight flies; weighted flies were reserved for poachers and thieves. Today, you would be hard pressed not to find weighted flies in almost every fly box on the planet. Lead wire is the traditional method of weighting flies, but today’s flies are also weighted with brass and tungsten beads and cones, as well as molded lead materials. Silicone and epoxy changed fly tying significantly, particularly within the saltwater realm. These resin based materials dry very hard and are used to create and protect the body of the flies. We hope you find our selection of fine fly tying material helpful.

For more information on fly tying materials, supplies and its history, please visit the Great Feathers Fly Tying Materials and Supplies pages.

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